Our Services

Domain Secure will keep you informed and always on top of your cyber resilience. We offer three different service levels; Basic – Advanced and Premium.

Features can be added or modified, we are very flexible and want to make sure you are cyber resillient and let you continue with your business carefree.

If you have any other requirements or questions don’t hesitate to contact us!

Prof. A. Woodward - University of Surrey

You can put the strongest lock you like on the front door, but if the builders have left a ladder up to a window, where do you think the burglars will go?

Warren Buffett

Cyber attacks are a bigger threat to humanity than nuclear weapons.


Through 2020, 80% of cloud breaches will be due to customer misconfiguration, mismanaged credentials or insider theft, not cloud provider vulnerabilities.

What can these features do for me ?

Extensive Monthly Reporting

We will provide you with extensive resilience reports on your companies external digital assets.
In this report we will show you the resilience score and go into detail on how to improve and mitigate the risks that are currently present.

Alerting at changes

We continually monitor on your external digital assets, should a risk come up we will contact you and make you aware of the issue.

Yearly reviews with Consultant

Every year we will sit down with you to go through the reports and give you possible advice on how to improve your resilience.


Our helpdesk is there to help you solve the issues from our reporting. We are happy to help!

Breached Credentials Control and Alerting

Should a breach come to light which includes usernames and passwords of your employees we will alert you and send you a detailed report on where the credentials were found.

Monthly Domain Squatting Reports

In our reports we will include domain squatting checklists. We will show you the potential risks regarding similar domain names  and typosquatting domains.

Optimized Service Start

When you start with our service our consultant will do a thorough check and will help you reach the highest score possible. So that when we start with the service you will have a strong digital resilience.

Quarterly Consultant Healthcheck

Every quarter our consultant will do a health check on your cyber resilience and go through all findings with you.

Ad Hoc report (domain or vendor of choice)

Ad Hoc reports are summarized reports that can be used to assess the risk and resilience from any domain that you want. For example a sister company or a vendor you work closely with.

Proactive Monitoring and Management

Our consultants will check your external cyber resilience every day and should they encounter any problem they will proactively fix these issues for you. So that you will never have to worry!

Weekly Report Summary

Every week we will keep you updated on your resilience.

# Subdomains Included

Most companies use a primary domain and have sometimes several subdomains. Depending on the service level we will add the subdomains to your report so you have a complete cyber resilience profile.

Additional Services

Vendor Management

An extra option to include is our vendor management service. Besides your own company, we will also keep you updated on the digital resilience of your vendors.

Pen testing

We offer penetration testing (or pen testing) to look for vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. This goes further and deeper then our normal scans. The main objective is to determine security weaknesses.

Educational Services

Personel training / Awareness training / Interactive program awarenes