Frequently Asked Questions

How does Domain Secure work?

Domain Secure looks at the external assets as they are visible for the outside world. We do not need access to the internal environment.

With the scan, we look for misconfigurations and also help to solve these. We constantly keep a watch over your external assets so that you are always protected.

We use penetration testing. Why do we need Domain Secure?

Pen testing is great! We offer it as an add-on to our service. Pen testing is a simulated attack on your computer systems and find how it holds up.   But it is a one-time check. Until the next time, you don’t know if you are protected against potential attacks.

Domain Secure is there to inform and warn you on your configuration for your domains (website, email, cloud etc.). We monitor daily. That way you are continuously up-to-date.

Is this a vulnerability scanner?

No, Domain Secure is a configuration scanner. The vulnerability scanner and Domain Secure scan on different aspects and complement each other.

What is the difference between vulnerability scanning and what Domain Secure checks?

A vulnerability scanner looks at vulnerabilities within the configuration for each component. For example at the version of the web server. The scanner will find certain weaknesses on that version, which you can then act upon.

With Domain Secure we look at the configuration management. We make sure that the configuration is correct so that a malicious actor cannot find out what the version is of the web server for example and find out what the possible vulnerabilities are.

We have outsourced our website

That is no problem. We do not need access to your website to give you insight. Also see “how does domain secure work”.

Even though you have outsourced your website, you are still responsible for the website and the information on it. If we discover misconfigurations, we alert and even help solve them by contacting the party hosting/maintaining the website. This way you can focus on your business.

Are you a webhoster?

No, but we can offer this as a special add-on. For more information please check our contact page!

Can I add more subdomains?

Yes of course, please contact us for more information!

On how many points does Domain Secure check?

A lot! Currently 86+ points and this can get more in the future.